African Frontier Risks Due Dilligence Services

Before entering into any form of business relationship with an individual or entity, it is vital to do your homework.

A due diligence enquiry involves an investigative probe into the history of an individual or legal entity. Due diligence enquiries ensure that the facts presented by an individual or legal entity are honest and accurate.

We will determine an individual’s background, financial status, business relationships and commercial track record as well as acquire any other information required by your company. Our due diligence enquiries are unique and paint a clear picture of the business being assessed.

Why would you require due diligence?

  • Accurate decision making
  • Identifing red flag issues
  • Provides you with the leverage you require for negotiation and valuation purposes
  • Quantify the risk of a business
  • Verify whether that investment or acquisition criteria will be or has been met.

We offer our comprehensive and proven Due Dilligence Services to clients across Africa

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Due Diligence Enquiries